OGEF has a variety of mechanisms to develop the local distributed renewable energy sector. OGEF's tools fall into two categories: investments and grants.


OGEF finances projects where at least half of the electricity production resulting from its investment is from renewable sources.

OGEF has the flexibility to support companies according to their profile and needs, with the goal of fostering the emergence of a local ecosystem of sustainable companies capable of rapidly increasing access to renewable electricity throughout the country.

We also encourage start-ups to contact us. Projects from start-up companies will be received and studied.

Please contact us to discuss your project and better understand the role of OGEF in your financing plan.


We favour a flexible approach, our products are tailored to your project and your company's situation. Our financing tools include debts and equity funds (participation in the company's capital). We have the possibility to finance you in the short term for example for your working capital needs, or to accompany you in the long-term development of your company.

Examples of tools:

  • Working capital: Inventory financing...
  • Mid-term loan: Tools or specialized equipment.
  • Long-term loans: Project and infrastructure financing.

Equity investments will be considered on an opportunity basis.


  • Mini-networks (new projects and extensions).
  • Lanterns and domestic autonomous systems.
  • Distributors of certified solar products Verasol / Lighting Global :
    • PAYGO
    • CASH
  • Installers of solar home systems and for commercial and industrial applications.


The business plan should focus on the following aspects of your project:

  • commercial sustainability
  • a credible financing plan
  • a detailed feasibility study and a complete market analysis
  • an environmental and social policy that complies with national and World Bank Group laws

We strongly encourage you to contact us before designing your business plan in order to better understand your project and decide if there is a fit between OGEF's mission and it.