OGEF has a variety of mechanisms to develop the local distributed renewable energy sector. OGEF's tools fall into two categories: investments and grants.


To join the program:

OGEF has set up a multi-stage project analysis and selection process. At each stage, a team of experts will evaluate and decide whether or not the project should continue in the program.


The FBR is a mechanism to provide financial incentives to the private sector to overcome the atypical costs and risks of developing the market for quality solar products. Only certified products Lighting Global/VeraSol will be eligible for this grant.

What type of business is eligible for the RBF?

RFB grants are open to all business-minded companies that wish to participate in the program.

-Distribution companies of solar products such as solar lanterns, solar home systems (SHS).

- Existing companies operating in the sector or startups, if the project is convincing.

- Companies offering financing solutions for relevant products in partnership with a relevant solar product distribution company.

RBF grants will be awarded initially through a call for proposals and later on an ongoing basis. Applications will be evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis according to the quality of the project and the available budget. For more information and to obtain a complete information package, please consult the appel à manifestation d’intérêt or write to us at the following address : info@ogefhaiti.com.


Grant programs will be launched through ad hoc or open calls for expressions of interest that will be published on the OGEF website.

Please check the section below regularly to see when Calls for Expression of Interest are published.

AMI for the OGEF Results-Based Funding grant

Following the publication of a first AMI (Appel à Manifestation d’Intérêt) under the Results-Based Funding grant program (« RBF »), which allowed the first companies to join the program, the OGEF (Off Grid Electricity Fund) announces the opening of the second phase of the program. There is no deadline for this new phase, but applications will be considered until the allocated funds are exhausted.

The fund is an initiative of the Government of Haiti to bring electricity to communities suffering from a lack of access to electricity. It consists of an investment fund dedicated to supporting developers of off-grid electrification projects. The fund shares the risk of the companies by mobilizing three different types of tools: equity, debt and grant investments.

The Fonds de Développement Industriel (FDI) and Bamboo Capital Partner (Bamboo), an international investment fund manager, are jointly responsible for managing the OGEF.

This AMI is aimed at all companies that want to get involved, that are willing to conquer shares of this promising market. The products concerned by the FBR grant are solar lanterns, Solar Home Systems (SHS) certified by VeraSol / IEC TS 62257-9-8.

The grants from Financement Basé sur les Résultats (FBR) are a private sector support mechanism designed to reduce or mitigate commercial market failures by providing financial incentives to the private sector to overcome typical, but temporary, market development risks. FBR grants are paid only when the recipient has achieved the objectives of the grant.

The market for solar home products is growing globally and locally and this IMA is for all companies that want to get involved and help us meet the challenge of electrification of the country, companies that have the will to capture shares of this promising market. The products concerned by the FBR grant are solar lanterns, Solar Home Systems (SHS) certified VeraSol / IEC TS 62257-9-8. To this end, OGEF currently has a grant budget that can be increased by $1 million.

Les subventions FBR sont un mécanisme de soutien au secteur privé visant à réduire ou à atténuer les défaillances du marché commercial en offrant des incitations financières au secteur privé pour surmonter les risques typiques, mais temporaires, de développement du marché. Les subventions FBR ne sont versées que lorsque le bénéficiaire a atteint les objectifs visés par la subvention.

Participating companies are free to use the financial incentives for any activity they deem necessary to develop their markets.

Who can participate?

- Existing or new companies distributing solar lighting products such as solar lanterns, SHS (Solar Home Systems), VeraSol products / IEC TS 62257-9-8, are exclusively concerned.

- Companies offering financing solutions, such as microfinance institutions or savings and credit cooperatives, for the products concerned in partnership with a solar product distribution company are concerned.

Applications will be evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis according to the quality of the projects and the available budget.

To learn more and contact us:

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